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North-Central Vending
"Vending Machine sales, parts and repairs!"
(... formerly RMS Electronics)

“Your BEST Choice For Vending Board Repair!”

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North-Central Vending
Your BEST Choice For Vending Board Repair!”
A Limited One Year Warranty* on most board repairs!

As North-Central Vending grows, we will continue to add to our list of repair items. Please call (952) 237-0527 if you have an item in need of repair and you don’t see it on this list.

Automatic Products/RMI
4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 and 110 Series:

Control Board (w,w/o display)
Display Board (4,5,6,7000)
Mode Switch Box (4/5000)
Coin Mech Power Board

8050/2000LG Logic Board
8050 Mother (Relay) Board
8050 Power Center w/Boards 0
203/213 Logic board
203/213Motor Driver Board
203/213 LED/Switch Panel Board.
211 Control Board
211 Motor Drive Board
120/320 Logic Board
223 Drive Board
511 Roboquencher Contol Bd


9300 Series Coin Mech

Dixie Narco/ECC

SII Control Boards
SIID Control Boards
MPC Controller
2054/2145 (Bevmax) Control Bd
USA - 3, USA-15 BA's.

VS99 – Series 2" Control Bd
VS99 – Series 3" Control B
LVB32/40 Control Bd

MAKA - NB Style Bill Acceptors

27V or 110v Dollar Bill Validators )

VN-Series Validators
VN-Series Mech
VFM1/VFM3 Bill Validators
MC5 Series Coin Mech
TRC Series Coin Mechs
Note: Some oldrt Mars parts are No Longer Available

Crane/National/GPL Vendors

620 - 650 Driver Boards
145/146/315/620 Control Asm
147/451 Logic board
430 Logic Board

630 Logic Board
640 (Cafe 7) Logic Board .
171 Snack

Royal Vendors

Merlin 2000 Control (1.xx - 5.xx)
Merlin IV Control Board

Rowe International

448 Control Bd. (448-1846)
448E/E2 Control Board
448E/E2 Health Relay Board
448E/4900 Power Supply
4900 (Single Board) Control
4900 (Mullti Board) Control
4900 Coin Mech Interface Bd.
4900 OBA Interface Board
548E/648 Universal Control Board
548/648 Power Supply

5900 Control Board
6800 Control Board
BC100/1200/3500 Control Bd.*
BC100/1200/3500 Power Center
BA-50 Bill Transports
BC12/20/35 Control Boards
BC12/35 Power Supply Card
BC12/35 Power Supply Asm

Bill Stackers


Series IIIA Control Bd

5.1/5.2 Control Boards

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North-Central Vending is also a factory authorized sales/service center for Rowe Dollar Bill Changers in the Laundromat/Car Wash Industry?!

Call us for our guaranteed “NO SURPRISES” PRICING POLICY: UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, ALL ELECTRONIC BOARD REPAIRS ARE DONE ON A FLAT-RATE PRICING SYSTEM, which means that you don’t have to worry about INFLATED “LABOR ” PRICING or “SHOT-GUN” STYLE REPAIR METHODS used by under-qualified technicians!  

Extra charges may be applied to boards with physical damage or extreme damage due to electrical surge. Customer will be notified prior to completion of repair whenever possible. Bill Changer money upgrades are not included in flat-rate repair prices.


*Prices subject to change without notice. Tax and shipping not included. All items will be shipped via ground unless requested otherwise.

**Call for details on this offer!
*** Prices are subject to change without notice.

Shipping address and contact information:

North-Central Vending
Address: 9361 Penn Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55431

Business/Cell Phone:(952) 237-0527
Email: bschleper@prodigy.net

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"For your convenience, North-Central Vending now accepts Discover Card, VISA and Masterscard for all purchases and repairs!"