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North-Central Vending

Vending Machine sales, parts and repairs!"
(... formerly RMS Electronics)

"Electronic repairs for the vending industry!"
North Central Vending
Bill Schleper

Address: 9361 Penn Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55431

Business/Cell Phone:(952) 237-0527
Email: bschleper@prodigy.net

Experience + Expertise = Quality Work with a Low Price • GUARANTEED

"After 21 years of component -level electronic repair experience (at the Distributor andService Center level), I decided it was time to make a move in the Vending Industry...And so I have started a new and exciting business venture –North-Central Vending."

MY GOAL is to have North-Central Vending become THE ABSOLUTE BEST CHOICE for all of your vending electronic control board repair needs.

Since leaving my position as the “lead” technician at a local vending repair Service Center, I’ve been designing and building my own test fixtures. In doing this, I apply the identical “load” on the circuit that these boards would typically see in the field. In other words, I don’t just light up a low-powered LED or a light bulb to test a drive circuit. If the board is supposed to drive a motor or solenoid, it is tested doing just that! It ensures higher quality repairs, and just makes better sense!

You will receive more “up-front” and consistent pricing. so I am going with a “FLAT-RATE” system, instead of a “labor - PLUS parts” system on most repairs that are done at North-Central Vending. That way, you know how much you are spending BEFORE you even send your unit in for repair, and you don’t get surprised later! You also don’t risk getting gouged by the “shot-gun” style repair methods that other shops with under-qualified technicians may use! The bottom line is higher quality repairs with lower pricing! There’s no question that this is what the industry needs!

"For your convenience, North-Central Vending now accepts Discover Card, VISA and MasterCard for all purchases and repairs!"
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